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Hiking on Ithaca means to discover special nature in harmony with yourself

Over the years on Ithaca I have learnt to appreciate the island’s incredibly beautiful and wide-ranging nature: numerous hiking trails of various levels of difficulty invite you to discover and enjoy Ithaca not only on its beaches and taverns. Hiking on Ithaca still means exploring wild nature. Wonderful panoramic views will open in front of you, and they will leave their mark in any soul. So every hiker, who has crossed once through Ithaca, takes something with him, which will strengthen him during his daily life!

Focus on important things
On every ancient shepherd’s path you can discover peacefully “siga….siga” Ithaca’s beauties. It takes time, openness and serenity, in order to explore the real Ithaca and this is my main point: I desire to make you focus on the island ‘s special nature – like the sheep in my logo – something like easy-going hiking on trails, which are customized to your personal wishes.

Greek serenity in interesting hiking trails:

  • If altitude must be challenged, we keep this in a moderate rhythm.
  • I prefer trails, which will not bring anybody out of breath.
  • We take breaks customized to your needs.
  • We explore the idyllic island by feet, we enjoy wonderful views and we practice in Greek serenity.
  • I prefer hiking tours in small groups, due to the easier personal contact.
  • If you stay in Vathy, you have the opportunity to start hiking tours nearby, in order to avoid long distant drives. Thereto, there are directly at your location interesting outgoing walking tours available:

For example, you can start your hiking tour to the nearby mountain village Perachori starting from the village Vathy:
The trail passes us through churches with byzantine wall paintings, numerous wonderful views and exciting nature. The walking tour lasts about 2 hours, breaks included and ends again in the village Vathy. This tour is also for late evenings during summer months suitable. The high-level trail offers you a fantastic panoramic view over the island’s capital city. Thanks to numerous historical sites on Ithaca, there is a chance that many walking tours can change into cultural experiences, and Ithaca has a lot of them.

Please let me know what you expect and I will organise a hiking tour completely customized on your needs.

Customised hiking tour based on your wishes:

Let’s plan a customised hiking tour based on your needs!

  • Under the motto “walk and swim “: Do you want to hike, but also take a refreshing swim in the cool waters? We can combine both in matching hiking tours.
  • Under the motto “walk and history “: Are you interested in numerous old chapels, mills or historical sites which are located on the island? I will be pleased to organise a corresponding walking tour for you.
  • Do you have any further ideas? Would be a „herbal hiking tour“ interesting for you? I am open for everything. Let’s make plans! If you are interested, we can meet before and talk about the route.  I am also available to meet you at your hotel or guesthouse for a preliminary meeting.
  • If you rather want to marvel at the island’s highlights in an airconditioned minibus, this can be also be fixed, since I am collaborating with a regional tour-operator.

I look forward to hearing from you.!
Sincere island -greetings
Yours, Martina Quandt